Best Quality Farm Products

One of The Best Quality Grapes Suppliers in Nashik

We are one of the most trusted grapes suppliers in Nashik. We are experienced grapes producer and order suppliers from the largest grapes producing area in the Asia. 

Best Quality Farm Products

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Order Suppliers

We are producer and supplier of various fruits and vegetables. Our relations with farmers and our own experience makes us one of the best fruit and vegetables supplier in area.


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Who Are We ?

Fruits Supplier

We are excellent at arranging everything to pack fruits as per requested. We are doing this a long time.

Vegetables Supplier

We have a strong collaboration with fresh vegetable producing farmers.That makes us stand out to fulfill fresh vegetable requirements.

Farm Products Supplier

We do supply variety of fresh farm produces. You just make inquiry of your requirements. We will take care of everything else.

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Fruits Supply

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    Appx. Price Range
    ₹38.00 - ₹80.00 / Kgs
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    Appx. Price Range
    ₹45.00 - ₹110.00 / Kgs

Vegetables Supply

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    Appx. Price Range
    ₹06.00 - ₹35.00 / Kgs
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    Appx. Price Range
    ₹60.00 - ₹100.00 / Kgs
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About Us

SSS Trading Company


SSS is middle scale trading company in Nashik, India. It is doing business since 10+ years with 2.5 Cr+ of annual turnover. It supplies packed fruits, vegetables, dry fruits and consumable items all over India. It fulfills export orders by doing local procurement, loading and shipping task.

Our Expertise

We are very skilled in procurement, harvesting, packing of fruits and vegetables. We do everything to supply good quality farm products from harvesting to export quality packing.