The way you can buy Nashik Grapes online

Buying online grapes is not an easy task all over India. Our e-commerce supply chain infrastructure to provide door-to-door fruit supply is very limited to a few locations. Many startups tried to implement the delivery of fruits and vegetables after online orders. But, it will take a decade to be satisfactorily successful. Hence, the same question arises about online Nashik grapes purchases also.

Sonaka Nashik Grapes Packing in 20 Kgs Crate

Nashik Grapes online
Nashik Grapes online

Nashik Grapes Online

Nasik grapes are available to purchase with very few options. It is easy for metro-politician citizens as some online marts are providing online delivery of fruits. As a common citizen, you can check if online marts such as JioMart, and BigBasket provide Nashik grapes online or not. You can order from there.


As a reseller, it becomes a little easier for you to buy a bulk quantity of grapes from the supplier in Nashik. Since lots of Nashik grapes suppliers are registered on B2B directory sites such as India Mart and Just dial you can search a wide range of suppliers.

We SSS Trading Company, are one of the best grapes suppliers from Nashik.

How to order Nashik grapes

Resellers can directly contact us to discuss Nashik Grape’s quality, price, and supply terms. We do supply grapes in cartons and crate packing. Here is the list of destinations all over India we are already supplying grapes from Nashik, Pimpalgaon.

  • Azadpur Mandi, New Delhi
  • Gazipur Mandi, Delhi
  • Fruit Complex, Narwal Jammu
  • Fruit Market, Laknaw
  • Faridabad Mandi
  • Jaipur Mandi
  • Guwahati Mandi
  • Karnal Mandi
  • Sabzi Mandi, Saharanpur
  • Devariya mandi
  • Indore Mandi
  • Pathankot Mandi

and many more on demand. You can place an inquiry for online Nashik grapes from the grapes product page. It is always better to discuss payment and delivery terms with us before you order placement.