Nashik Grapes Price Today | From Supplier

We are one of the reputed suppliers of Nashik Grapes for 15+years. We do purchase grapes from farms in grapes season (December- May). As per our current purchase range, today Nashik grapes price is as follows,

Nashik Grapes Price Today (Pimpalgaon)

Sr NoGrapes VarietyToday Price
1Thomson Grapes Price ₹10-22 per Kg
2Sonaka₹20-30 per Kg
3Black Sharad ₹35-45 per Kg
4Black Sonaka ₹38-50 per Kg

Things to remember about grapes price,

  • This is the supplier’s price, other expenses always get added when supplied on demand
  • Grapes price variation depends on quality and quantity
  • The reseller market price is more and depends on transportation and packing cost
  • This are grapes season price which is limited to December to May every year

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